Signs You Need Foundation Repair And Types Of Repair Available

Posted on: 2 December 2021

If you own your home and do not know for sure if you need to have foundation repair done, below are some signs that you do. You can find out more information on different types of foundation repair available for you.

Foundation Repair Sign

Walk outside and inspect your foundation to see if there are cracks anywhere. If you only see small cracks, then this is normal. If you see much larger cracks, especially cracks that zigzag up the foundation, then you have a problem, and your foundation needs to be repaired. A zigzag crack generally means your home's foundation has shifted. 

Another sign you need foundation repair is if you see sheetrock cracks inside your home. If you have wallpaper, the wallpaper will become loose due to these cracks. If this is a big problem, the cracks will be large and run up and down the sheetrock. A contractor should be called in if you see this as they need to repair this for you after the foundation has been repaired.

You will notice uneven floors and doors that do not fit like they once did. For example, doors may not close or open as easily, as they will be misaligned. You may also notice cracks above the door if there is a problem with your foundation. Window frames can become misaligned also, making them harder to open and close. 

If you use tile for flooring inside your home, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, you may notice cracks in the tiles if your foundation needs to be repaired. Over time, much of the tile will become loose and have to be replaced. 

Foundation Repair Techniques

There are many techniques that can be used to repair your foundation. What will be used will depend on how severe your problem is. Two common repair methods are hydraulic jacking and slab jacking. The contractor can use either of these methods and not have to tear out the entire foundation. 

Hydraulic jacking involves driving steel posts through the soil to raise and stabilize the concrete. With slab jacking, the contractor pumps grout below the concrete slab or a beam to lift the foundation up to its right elevation.  Before the contractor will choose a method, they will determine what caused your foundation to have problems.  The soil your home sits on may have become unstable due to wet or dry weather for long periods of time. There also may be a problem with trim boards, moldings, and mortar joints. 

The foundation repair company can give you much more information about repairing your foundation.  


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