3 Signs You Need Commercial Plumbing Services

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Plumbing issues can have major negative impacts on your business. Plumbing problems can pose health or safety risks to your clients and employees. Therefore, it is important to solve these problems early enough. Here are three signs you need commercial plumbing services.

1. Abnormal Water Pressure

If the faucets in your offices are receiving water at abnormally low or high pressure, you should be alarmed. Low pressure may be a sign of clogged pipes. Dirt or limescale buildup may block your pipes, restricting water flow. As a result, it will take longer for people to wash their hands or do other activities.

High water pressure may be a sign of a faulty expansion on your main tank, causing more water to flow out. As much as high pressure seems more manageable than low pressure, it could cause safety concerns. It might cause stress to your pipes and make them burst. High pressure can also damage your appliances, such as water heaters. Therefore, you should solve pressure-related problems immediately.

2. Slow Drainage

If your office kitchen and bathroom sinks are slow to drain, you need professional plumbing services. This is mostly caused by clogging from food particles or dirt particles that may be stuck in your pipes, causing water to flow slowly. The plumbing contractor will use advanced technologies and equipment to spot the problematic areas and correct them.

3. Water Leaks

If you notice puddles of water in your buildings, your pipes may be leaking. When pipes burst, they cause water to flow in the wrong directions and create water puddles. Therefore, you should always inspect your offices for any leakage. Some signs to look out for are water stains on your ceiling and interior walls and low water pressure.

You should also conduct an inspection every month. In this test, you will turn off all your office appliances, ask your employees not to use water during the test, and then check your water meter. If it is running, your water is flowing somewhere else, and you should get commercial plumbing services.

Moreover, if your water bills increase despite maintaining the same consumption rate, you may also be dealing with water leaks. Hence, every business owner should keep a close eye on their month-to-month water bills to notice any significant difference.

Commercial plumbing is crucial for the day-to-day operations of your business. Therefore, you should ensure it is always in good shape. If you notice any of the discussed signs, you should get commercial plumbing services immediately.    


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