3 Things To Know About Water Heater Installation

Posted on: 9 November 2020

Your home's water heater is an integral part of your plumbing system. Having clean hot water for washing and cooking is vital. While your water heater probably isn't something you think about daily, once it reaches the point that it's no longer working very well or if it's nearing the end of its typical lifespan, you'll want to replace it. There are many benefits to getting a new water heater, including better energy efficiency and, in many cases, hot water in less time. Here are three things to know about water heater installation.

What Kind Of Water Heater

If you are looking for a new water heater, you should know that you're not limited to the kind of water heater you currently have in place. You can choose a different type of water heater for your hot water needs. There are different kinds of water heaters to choose from, but most are either tank water heaters or tankless options. Water heaters also have different sources of power, with gas and electricity being the most common. If you run out of hot water often, you may want a new water heater with a larger capacity. It may even be best to install more than one water heater.  

How Long Will It Take

There are a few different things that will impact the installation time of your new water heater. Depending on your old system, removal and drainage can take a bit of time. Also, if you are having a new system put into place, updated plumbing may be necessary. Your plumber will give you an estimate of how long the water heater installation will take. The time range for water heater installation can be as little as two hours or up to eight hours, depending on the water heating system you choose for your home.

How Much It Will Cost

Knowing how much your new water heater will cost is crucial. You want to be able to budget for this new addition to your home. Tank water heaters are the most affordable option. Tankless water heaters tend to be a little pricier. A standard tank water heater will set you back between $400 and $1,600. A tankless water heater costs, on average, $250 to $2,500. No matter what kind of water heater you choose, the greater your hot water needs, the more it will cost. 

There are a few things that you should know about water heater installation. When replacing your water heater, you may want to go with a different kind of unit. Water heater installation is quick and typically takes a plumber a few hours. Costs will vary, with tank water heaters being the most economical option. 


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