Be Careful About Flushable Wipes

Posted on: 2 November 2020

If there is one thing that plumbing contractors want you to know, it's the fact that only toilet paper and waste should be flushed in the toilet. For example, many companies sell wet wipes they claim are "flushable." The bad news is that many of these wipes are not necessarily good to flush into your system.

While many of these wipes flush down easily enough at first, they may be creating a bigger problem.

"Flushable" Wipes Can Clog Your Pipes

The problem is that it is often not just your toilet that is clogged when you face an obstruction. The issue can actually rest deeper in your pipes, which means you cannot simply fight the clog yourself with common unclogging products.

Wipes Don't Break Down Immediately

Flushable wipes do not break down immediately but rather over time. This means that your pipes can remain clogged for a long time before the materials begin to break down. In fact, you could face plumbing issues for weeks or months without knowing what may be the cause of the problem. The clog may be pushed down further, but it's not necessarily gone.

This can create a major block in your pipes. Not only does this cause a back up in your toilet, but it can also allow bacteria and other nasty things to develop in your pipes. Bacteria that come up through your toilet can actually make you sick.

Don't Live with a Clogged Toilet

One of the first things you might notice when your toilet has a clog is that it might not empty or fill up in the usual way, creating some logistical problems. For example, you may be surprised that you aren't able to flush the waste down the toilet. It may take an extra flush, which could result in the bowl filling up more than it should.

Contact a Plumbing Contractor Today

You also should not try to get rid of these clogs on your own. Trying to DIY your clog can result in damage to your pipes. Liquid plumbing aids can actually create more problems for your pipes.

If you have been flushing wipes and think that you have a problem with your pipes as a result, now is the time to speak with a professional. A plumber can help you determine the cause of a clog and fix it so that you can move forward with healthy plumbing habits in mind.

For more information, reach out to a local plumbing contractor.


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