Clogged Drain Prevention For Everyone

Posted on: 14 September 2020

Experiencing a clogged drain can range from being a minor inconvenience to a devastating event. This is because the causes of clogs and their seriousness vary. Sometimes a clogging issue is one that goes ignored by the homeowner for an extended time period. The homeowner may use their own methods to seemingly clear the clogs, but the results might be temporary.

Some clog issues reach deep into drain lines, and the average homeowner does not have access to the tools and technology required to clear them. Using drain cleaning solutions might do more harm to a plumbing system because some of the cleaners contain corrosive materials that can damage plumbing systems. These solutions will also not be effective against clogs that are deep within drain lines.

Most homes will have some type of drain clog at some point. They can occur due to home occupants or guests allowing things to enter drains that should not. However, there are natural reasons that clogs could occur too. The following points identify common sources of clogs. 

Personal Use Items

Flushing certain items or allowing them to enter and remain in drains can result in clogged drains. Some individuals may not think that it is a serious issue to lose a few hairpins or inexpensive earrings in a sink drain. However, these items can get stuck further in drain lines, and over time loose hairs and other substances my get tangled onto them and form balls of waste. Other items such as wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene items, and cotton balls might also enter drain lines when individuals mistakenly think that they can flush them safely. 

Food Scraps and Grease

Small bits of food and grease may enter drains when care is not taken to wipe these residual substances from dishes. This can lead to clogging issues over time. Some individuals have egregious food disposal habits. They may knowingly allow larger pieces of food to go down their drains when they clean their kitchens. The pouring of grease down drains may also be one of their habits. Homeowners need to aim to keep grease out of their drains. This includes oils that do not solidify. 

A plumber is a good resource to use to determine why a drainage issue exists. The use of household plungers and augers can clear simple clogs, which should not occur frequently. Homeowners who notice repeat drainage issues need to consult a plumber because clogged drain issues can lead to worse plumbing system issues such as burst pipes. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers clogged drain services.


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