Understanding The Difference Between Hydrojetting And Snaking A Sewer Line

Posted on: 28 August 2020

Do you have a clog in the main drain going out to the main sewer system, and your plumber says that they can either use hydrojetting or snaking to clear the clog? You may be wondering what the differences are between these two methods to clean your sewer line. 


The process of using a sewer snake is one of the most traditional methods that is used to clean a clogged sewer pipe. It works by taking a blade that is attached to a spinning cable, and slowly inserting it into the sewer line. As the cable spins with the blade on the end, it will cut through all of the items that are inside the pipe. This is great at cutting through paper products, and even going through tough tree roots that are going through a sewer line. Sewer snaking is also safe to use on practically every sewer line, since it is not too harsh on the pipe itself, which should be taken into consideration with ceramic pipes.

While sewer snaking can be quite effective, it will not thoroughly clean a pipe along the exterior that well. It will still leave debris inside the pipe, which will hopefully be loose and continue to flow through the pipe now that it is broken up.


Hydrojetting is a unique method that cleans out a pipe by forcing a powerful stream of water through the pipe. The stream of water is so powerful that it can cut through debris in the pipe. It works by having a laser penetrating tip that focuses the stream of water in a very precise area, which can help break up that debris.

The laser penetrating tip actually shoots high pressured water forward and backward through a pipe. There is one stream of water that faces forward, and several streams of water that face backwards. The backwards streams are what helps propel the laser penetrating tip down the line so that it can break up more debris.

One of the benefits of hydrojetting is that it does a great job at cleansing the inside of a sewer pipe. Those jets of water will wash the inside walls of the pipe and get rid of as much debris as possible. However, you may run into a situation where hydrojetting cannot be used. If you have an old home with those ceramic pipes, the hydrojetting process could actually break the pipe by accident. That is why your plumber may only recommend it if you have PVC plumbing. Learn m ore from a company like Quality 1st Plumbing.


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