3 Plumbing Services You Didn't Know Existed

Posted on: 29 July 2020

When our sewer drain is backed up, or we have a stubborn clog that just won't let go, we all know who to call: the plumber. 

But while we think about these people for the more obvious plumbing issues, plumbers offer a variety of plumbing services that you may not know even existed in the first place. Many times, homeowners will try to tackle these types of jobs themselves or pay for an overpriced jack-of-all-trades handyman to do it for them, when the right call, every time, is to hire a plumber.

Below are several different plumbing services you probably forgot that plumbers provide. 

Appliance Installation

Most appliance stores tout their "free installation" as a reason to buy from their store, but what they sometimes fail to include is that the price of the installation is actually built into the price of the product. While the appliance itself may be amazing, you can save on the overall sticker price if you pay for a professional plumber — someone who is more familiar with your home's plumbing system — to install it for you. Plumbers are trained on a variety of different appliances to perform both regular services and installations, so you know it'll be done right.

Customized Maintenance

If you've ever paid for a professional plumbing repair job, you were probably told at the time that a little bit of maintenance could have prevented the issue. That's why a lot of plumbers offer a maintenance plan that is customized for you and your home; it's easier to do a little bit of work to keep problems from happening than show up on a job site and have to do a major overhaul. If that's something you're interested in, be sure to ask if your local company provides maintenance plans as part of their plumbing services.

Fixture Replacement

Looking at old faucets and showers can be tough, especially if you've been intending to upgrade them for years. But between work and family and hobbies, who has time to devote an entire weekend to a plumbing project? Plumbers will not only replace your fixtures, but they'll also usually recommend high-efficiency alternatives that perform better than you expected, saving you money in the process. While plumbers love getting their hands dirty with a full bathroom remodel, they've seen enough homes and are usually aware of any burgeoning technologies that can dramatically improve your home's plumbing system.


Irrigation Implementation: An Overview

When I decided to install an irrigation system in my yard, I thought it would be an easy project. I had no idea how much was really involved in the process, from connecting the sprinkler system to the main plumbing line all the way to burying the individual lines for the sprinkler heads. After researching the entire process and learning as I went, I created this site to give others the benefit of my experience. I hope that the information here helps you be better prepared for what you can expect out of your irrigation system installation, including knowing when it's time to turn to a plumber for help.


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