Reasons To Get A Plumbing Inspection When Buying A Home

Posted on: 22 July 2020

When purchasing a new home, you will need to schedule a variety of inspections to make sure there are no hidden problems. One area that often gets glossed over in a standard home inspection is the plumbing system. This is in part due to the specialized skills necessary to effectively inspect plumbing, as well as the fact that much of the plumbing is difficult to access for a general inspector. A plumbing inspection can be a good idea, especially when it comes to the following components.

Septic Systems

If the home you are looking at is on its own septic system, you need to have it fully inspected. Ideally, the sellers will have up to date documentation showing the last time it was pumped, serviced, and inspected. Things you need to know also include the location of the drain field, the location of the tank access cover, and the lift pump location (if applicable). It's also important to find out the tank capacity so you can work with a plumber or septic service to develop a pumping and maintenance schedule that fits your household needs.

Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is a bit easier to inspect. The age and installation date of the heater should be on a label affixed to the tank. Many plumbers also affix a label detailing the time and purpose of each service call. If either of these is missing, your plumber can inspect the water heater to determine its age and any possible maintenance issues. They can also let you know approximately how much life is left in the water heater so you can plan for future replacements as necessary.

Pipes and Lines

The last think you want is to move into a home and find out you have water leaks inside or in the yard. A pipe inspection will inspect both drain lines and water pipes. Possible problems, like root invasion into a sewer line, are important to know about so you don't end up with a sewage backup. Further, inspections can tell you if you waste pipe or water main are in degrading and in need of replacement. Finally, it's also possible to learn what types of pipes you have. If the home you are considering purchasing has lead pipes, for example, you need to look for a new house or plan to have all the water lines replaced.

Contact a plumber to help you inspect the plumbing of any home you are planning to buy.


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