3 Critical Things To Do When You Have An Urgent Plumbing Issue

Posted on: 6 August 2019

Have you ever considered what you'd do if you had a plumbing emergency? Is your current best plan to simply call someone and let them deal with it? Although it's a good idea to have a professional fix any plumbing issues that you might encounter, there are still some things that you should do or be doing between the time that you call the plumber and the time that they arrive at your home. Taking care of these things will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and the issue can be taken care of as promptly as possible. The most important things you should do include the following:

Turn off the water: 

You should find out where the main water cut-off valve is and check it on a regular basis to ensure that you can easily turn it to shut off the water. Although plumbers will arrive as quickly as they can once you call them, even a difference of just a few minutes when you have a burst pipe can mean the difference between an expensive disaster that needs repairs and a simple annoyance that needs to be mopped up. If you ever find that you can't shut off the valve easily, this is also something to contact a plumber about so that they can resolve the situation.

Shut off electricity: 

If you've got an upstairs plumbing issue, this can result in water soaking into the walls and floors to the point that it can make contact with your electrical system. There's no way of knowing whether the electrical system has sustained water damage and is dangerous until the entire situation has been assessed by any plumbers and electricians who come to take a look. In order to avoid a potential electrical fire, always shut off your electricity as soon as possible if you ever see water coming out of the walls or ceiling.

Mop up: 

Whether you've got a leaky pipe, an overflowing toilet, or something else entirely, most plumbing issues will result in water seemingly everywhere even if there is none actively leaking out at the moment. You probably don't want any plumbers tracking water through the rest of the house, especially if the water is dirty and contains raw sewage. Try to always have something on hand to absorb large spills. A literal mop can be good but might be a bit small and take too long. A few worn-out towels and/or other bedding can help do the job in a faster timeline.

Contact plumbers near you during these sorts of emergency situations in order to learn more.


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