Commercial Water Treatment In Tucson: Hows And Whys You Want It For Your Business

Posted on: 4 August 2019

Tucson, Arizona, resides in the heart of southwestern desert country. As such, it takes quite a bit of effort to get water from "nearby" waterways and reservoirs. That water often carries a lot of natural particulates and debris with it, and you get a real taste of the desert each time. While water treatment options for residences have been available in Tucson for decades, it has only been more recent that water treatment services have been made available for commercial sites. Here are the hows and why you want this for your commercial business. 

Larger Treatment Tanks

From office buildings to industrial buildings, from big box retailers to restaurants, there is no doubt that commercial properties consume a lot more water than individual residential properties. Commercial properties alone consume double to twenty times the amount of water as a single family home just on the restroom facilities alone. As such, your commercial property may be hurting for cleaner water when employees need to wash their hands, wash dishes or laundry, clean floors and surfaces, etc.. 

To accommodate the greater need for clean water in commercial locations, the holding tanks and treatment tanks for water are significantly larger. These tanks have to be installed in the main water line so that all the water that comes into your commercial property will flow through the treatment tanks and hold there until the water is "demanded" when a faucet turns on or a toilet flushes. These tanks work just like the ones used in residences, but they are designed to contain a greater volume of water and treat a greater volume of water for your property.

Why You Want Water Treatment Equipment

How many times have you filled the coffee maker at work and the water did not look right? Maybe the water you use to fill the coffeemaker tastes gritty or weird? If you frequently have to call plumbers to fix the plumbing in your commercial building, the problem may be a buildup of sediment and hard water minerals. All of these issues are easily corrected with treatment equipment. You will spend less on plumbing repairs and appliance replacements when your water is not creating problems with color, smell, taste, and mineral accumulation. Even toilets and sinks in the restroom will not need more frequent replacing because the water flowing into and through them will not discolor the porcelain or tarnish fixtures. 

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