Sewer Cleaning And How It Compares To Drain Cleaning

Posted on: 2 August 2019

If you have slow drainage in your home, then there is a good chance that you have a clog problem that involves either your home drainage or your sewer system. And, both of these drain problems can be resolved by a plumbing professional. However, a different approach will be taken to clean a sewer than to clean a home drain. Keep reading to learn why this is true and also what kinds of cleaning processes are used.

How Is Sewer Cleaning Different From Drain Cleaning?

Drain and sewer pipes are completely different from one another. Drain pipes are attached to the inside drainage system where sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines release their wastewater. And these pipes are relatively small in diameter and connect to larger pipes. These larger pipes are the sewage pipes, and they connect to either your septic system or a much bigger sewage pipe that runs down the street in front of your home. 

So, the pipes are large and located in a different region of your property. This can make the pipes much more difficult to reach and to clean. Special cleanouts must be accessed both in the basement and outside the home to complete the cleaning. And, since the pipes are larger, this also means that more pressure is needed to clear away any debris that does form. This is very different from the easy-to-access pipes that can often be cleaned with a simple drain snake device. 

How Is Sewer Cleaning Completed?

Before a sewer cleaning is performed, the cleanouts are located. In some cases, this can be difficult. A single cleanout may be found in the basement, in the bathroom, in the utility room, or outside the home. However, in some cases, a cleanout cannot be found. In this situation, the town will have one installed close to the street curb. The town may need to be contacted to locate this, or your plumbing professional can search for the opening.

Once the cleanout is found, a camera inspection may be needed to find the clog. This will also allow the plumber to see if there is a general buildup of debris along the inside of the pipe that is causing a backup problem. From here, the professional can choose to use either a commercial snake with a wide and spinning end or a water jet device that can flush debris away with the help of a strong spray of fluid.

Keep in mind that chemicals are very rarely used in the process and are often only needed in cases where tree roots or other solid materials are stuck in the sewer. 

For more information about sewer drain cleaning, reach out to a professional.


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