Signs Roots May Be Growing In Your Plumbing Pipes

Posted on: 29 July 2019

Roots growing into pipes is a common plumbing problem. Learning about trees and how large their root systems can grow, and then ensuring you plant them far away enough from your pipes can help to prevent this issue. However, many people move into homes where trees are already planted and have no idea that roots may be growing into their plumbing pipes at any given time. Educating yourself on the signs of this problem can help you to detect it. Here are three signs that roots may be growing into your plumbing pipes. 

Your Drains Are Not Draining

One of the most common signs of roots growing into your pipes are drains that are not draining. A root growing into the pipes creates an obstruction or blockage in the pipe. Waste and debris cannot travel through the pipes, so your drains start to drain slowly. Eventually, they can become backed up to the point where nothing will drain at all and you find yourself reaching for a plumbing snake or plunger. If you have a clog that won't clear or your drains regularly clog, you should be concerned about roots growing into the pipes. 

You Notice a Tree Looking Lush or Healthier

Another sign that roots may be growing into your plumbing pipes is a tree that looks healthier than normal or more lush. If roots are in the pipes, the tree may be getting more water than it is used to. The tree may be growing faster, may have rich green leaves, or may have more foliage than normal. If your tree looks to be overly healthy and you haven't been feeding the tree or giving it more water, you should consider that its roots may be growing into your pipes. 

You Notice Small Holes Developing in Your Yard

The final sign that roots may be growing into your pipes are small holes developing in your yard. If roots are growing into your pipes, the pipe itself may be cracked. This allows water to flow out. This causes soil and dirt in your yard to erode away, which allows small holes or pockets to cave in in your yard. If you see holes in your yard, especially if they form a line, you may have a cracked pipe caused by root growth. 

If you suspect that you have roots that may be growing into your plumbing pipes, it is important to contact a plumbing service right away. They can do a pipe inspection using a camera that allows them to see the entirety of the pipes, including anything, such as roots, that may be obstructing them. Contact your preferred plumbing service to schedule an appointment today. 


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