3 Tips For Keeping Your Home's Well Pump In Proper Working Order

Posted on: 29 July 2019

In homes served by an on-site water well, the well pump is quite possibly the hardest working appliance. In addition to pumping water for chores like laundry and running the dishwasher, a well pump routinely cycles on and off dozens of times each day when toilets are flushed, taps are turned on, and showers or baths are taken.

Many families also depend on their drilled water well to provide water for irrigating gardens, trees, and landscaping and engaging in heavy water usage projects, such as washing the car, filling swimming pools, and pressure washing siding, driveways, or decks. If your family depends heavily on a water well to provide them with a constant supply of clean, drinkable water, here are three tips you can use to keep it working properly. 

Repair plumbing leaks and faulty appliances quickly

Dripping faucets, leaks in pipes and toilets, and appliances that are inefficient in water usage can force a private well pump to cycle much more frequently than it otherwise would. Since each cycle increases wear on the electrical and mechanical components of the pump, it is important to prevent unnecessary cycling whenever possible by being prompt in making necessary plumbing repairs and replacing wasteful appliances. 

Teach family members conservative water usage habits

The ways in which the occupants of the home use water can also be a determining factor in expanding the working lifespan of the average home water well pump. Homeowners who want to encourage better water conservation efforts in their own home may want to consider: 

  • discouraging lengthy showers by having family members use a timer set to five or ten minutes
  • requiring all laundry and dishwasher loads to be full before starting the appliance
  • turning garden hoses off immediately after each use

Simple changes in daily habits can result in fewer gallons of water used and far fewer cycles for your home's water well pump to provide. 

Be proactive with repairs and maintenance

In many cases, a well pump that is experiencing problems will begin to provide audible clues, such as clicking noises when cycling on and off or too frequent cycling, even when no water is being used in the home. Homeowners who hear any unusual noises from their well pump should immediately have it examined for possible repair issues. 

In addition, having a properly working well pump inspected annually by a well pump repair and maintenance service, such as Action Well & Pump Repair, can help homeowners prevent potential repair issues and help to extend the working lifespan of the pump and components. 


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