Prevent And Overcome Clogged Drains With These Tips

Posted on: 22 July 2019

A clogged drain can cause water to back up in your sink or shower. This standing water can attract mosquitoes and make your family sick, so it's important that you take care of it immediately. Here are four tips that will help you prevent and overcome clogged drains.

1. Keep hair out of your shower drain.

Most shower drain clogs are caused by tangled mats of hair. Hair seems harmless since it's so small, but large amounts of hair can wrap around the inside of your drain and get caught in your pipes. Combing your hair before you take a shower can remove most of the loose hair so you can throw it in the trash. Invest in a drain guard to stop hair from making its way down your shower drain.

2. Don't send solids down the drain.

When you're washing dishes in the kitchen, make sure you don't send food scraps down the drain. If you don't have a garbage disposal, these bits of leftovers can end up clogging your drain. Make sure to scrape your plate into the trash can before washing it, and avoid peeling vegetables over the sink. Investing in a garbage disposal is a good solution if you don't like the hassle of completing these additional steps.

3. Throw grease and oil in the trash.

You should never put oil of any kind into your sink. When oil and fat cool down, they turn into gelatinous solids which can clog your drain. Since these substances are liquid when hot, they can make it a long way down your pipe before congealing, which means they may form hard to reach clogs which require professional assistance. Pour hot oil and grease into a can or glass jar and allow it to cool. Once it has cooled, you can seal it and dispose of it in the trash can.

4. Call a drain cleaning service.

If your drain is working sluggishly or if it's become completely clogged, it's time to call an expert. A drain cleaning service will use special tools to remove debris that has become stuck in your pipes. A drain cleaning service will take care of your clogs so you don't have to use commercial drain cleaning chemicals that are hazardous to the environment and your health. Many services provide same-day appointments so you don't have to wait to regain use of your sink or shower.


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