Adding A Laundry Room To Your House Makes It Easier To Keep Dirty Laundry Under Control

Posted on: 22 July 2019

Having a laundry room in your house is almost a necessity these days. Running to a laundromat is inconvenient, and you may have difficulty fitting the trips into your schedule when you work and have kids. Here are some suggestions for where to place a washer and dryer in your house and some considerations for the plumbing.

Good Locations For A Small Laundry Room

If necessary, you can place a washer and dryer in your basement or garage. However, it's nice to have a dedicated laundry room that's in a convenient area of your house. You might convert a large closet into a laundry room, have a bump out added to your house, or build a small laundry room in a portion of a great room or other spacious area in your home. If you're building a dedicated laundry room, you'll probably want enough room for a washer, dryer, laundry sink, folding area, and hanging space.

Considerations When It Comes To Plumbing

Your washer and dryer will need electricity, and the sink and washer will need plumbing. A plumbing contractor can probably install the plumbing in just about any location in your home, but before you begin your renovations, bring in a plumber for advice. If you can find a location for your washer and sink that is close to an existing plumbing pipe and drain, installation will be easier and less expensive. Good choices might be on the opposite wall of a bathroom or the kitchen. If you're installing the washer in the garage or basement with no existing drain to hook up to, the plumber may elevate the washer on a false floor so the drains can be installed without having to bust up the concrete floor.

If you're building a laundry room in an area inside your home where there are no pipes or drains, the plumbing contractor will add new lengths of pipes and drains to connect to your plumbing system. This will be more labor intensive, but you'll end up with a laundry room where you want it and that you'll love rather than running to the garage to do laundry. One important aspect of installing new plumbing is to ensure the drains are at the right slope for emptying, so your new washer will be able to dump water quickly without problems. However, a plumber will make sure all the new components of the plumbing system function properly and include shut-off valves, so you don't have to worry about leaks or flooding when you have the laundry room installed inside your house. 


Irrigation Implementation: An Overview

When I decided to install an irrigation system in my yard, I thought it would be an easy project. I had no idea how much was really involved in the process, from connecting the sprinkler system to the main plumbing line all the way to burying the individual lines for the sprinkler heads. After researching the entire process and learning as I went, I created this site to give others the benefit of my experience. I hope that the information here helps you be better prepared for what you can expect out of your irrigation system installation, including knowing when it's time to turn to a plumber for help.


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