PEX Piping – It Could Help You Finish Your Home Project

Posted on: 20 July 2019

Do you have a project or two that you've been putting off because you're concerned about the plumbing elements of the project? Running plumbing doesn't have to be as difficult as it used to be. Now, you have the advantage of the availability of PEX plumbing. Could PEX plumbing be the answer to your plumbing problems? Here, you'll find a bit of information about PEX that'll help you decide.

What is PEX?

PEX plumbing is piping made of a flexible plastic. Thanks to the flexibility of the piping, installation requires fewer connections and parts. Instead of having to add an elbow and worry about two seals, you'll be able to bend the piping the direction that you need it to go – no parts needed. This makes it so much easier to run plumbing through tight spaces.

Benefits of PEX Piping

The main selling point is the fact that PEX piping will cost less than traditional piping – especially if you're doing a re-piping job that would have required you to rip walls out to access the piping hidden behind it.

When you hire a plumber to install the PEX piping, not only will you save on the cost of materials, but the cost of labor will be far less because the PEX piping installs so much faster.

Another benefit is the fact that there are fewer connections—fewer connections means fewer chances for leaks in the future.

One final benefit worth listing is the fact that the PEX piping can be directly connected to your existing piping. You won't have to replace entire plumbing systems to make the PEX piping work for you. One adapter piece and some Teflon tape and you're good to go.

Negatives of PEX Piping

Residential PEX piping isn't meant to carry water beyond a certain temperature. Before you purchase the PEX piping, inquire about temperature limitations. You need to know the maximum temperature that you'll be able to set your hot water heater to without damaging the piping. Keep in mind that the temperature limitations likely will not be a burden due to the fact that you don't need scorching hot water flowing through your faucet.

Don't put off your home projects any longer. Talk with your local company like Calhoun Plumbing for assistance in getting the plumbing portion of the project completed for you. Discuss the possibility of using PEX piping for the project and eliminate some of the headaches that can come with traditional piping.


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