4 Things You Can Do To Reduce Stress On The AC During Summer Heatwaves

Posted on: 19 July 2019

As the heat outside makes it unbearable to go out and enjoy the outdoors, you want to make sure you are prepared indoors. You also want to reduce stress on your air conditioner to prevent wear and problems that may be costly to repair. The following tips will help you reduce stress on your AC during the unbearable summer heatwaves.

1. Seal Air Leaks and Cover Windows to Stop Heat Gain and Energy Loss

First, make sure that your home is well-sealed to keep the warm air out. Check things like weather stripping and seals around openings in doors to ensure they do not let hot air in. In addition, use thick window treatments in windows that get direct sunlight to reduce heat gain and help keep your home cool during the summer heat.

2. Clean Your AC Before Hot Weather to Ensure It Works Efficiently and Stress-free

Before the hot weather comes, you want to make sure your air conditioner is clean. Start by cleaning all the ducts and checking vents to ensure the system has good air flow. The condensing unit outside also needs to be cleaned to ensure you do not have problems with condensation forming and freezing, which is the cause of serious damage to AC components like compressors and can cause leaks.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat to Reduce Stress On Your AC During Extreme Summer Heat

Having your AC set to the coldest possible setting does not keep your home cool and can lead to excess stress and damage to the air conditioner. When there is a heatwave, turn the thermostat up on your AC to reduce stress and keep your home comfortable without causing damage to the air conditioner.

4. Use Fans and Ventilate Your House on Cool Nights to Use Your Air Conditioner a Little Less

Even though it may be extremely hot during the day, sometimes the temperatures go down significantly at night. These are the hours when you want to turn the AC off and open windows to let the cold air out and fresh air in. In addition, use fans to add in circulating the air and keeping your house cool when the AC is not on.

These are some tips that will help reduce stress on your AC that can lead to costly repairs during summer heatwaves. If you need help with maintenance or repairs to keep your house cool, contact an air conditioning service to ensure you are prepared for the hot weather.


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