Buying An Older Home? How To Know If You Should Replace The Plumbing

Posted on: 18 July 2019

If you're purchasing an older home, there are likely many repairs you have to make. One thing you may not consider is the plumbing. If the plumbing is old and outdated, this could result in a disaster for you if any pipes start leaking. Before something like this happens, below is information that will help you determine if it is time to replace the plumbing in your home.

Types of Plumbing Pipes

First, determine the type of plumbing pipes that are in the home. One type you may have is galvanized steel plumbing pipes. These pipes are coated with zinc and are heavy and thick. They are generally silver or gray in color. You should consider replacing these pipes, as the zinc coating breaks down over time. Once this happens, the inside of the pipes will start to rust, and this rust can cause water pressure problems and clogs in water lines.

The home may have copper pipes, which are an orange color. Copper is durable and will last many years. The thing to consider with this, however, is that the fittings that connect the pipes may have a solder made of lead. Lead is dangerous, and you do not want to take a chance of this getting into your water. Also, copper is very expensive, which makes it expensive to repair.

Inspect Plumbing Pipes

There are some plumbing pipes that you can see and inspect on your own. These pipes may be in utility rooms, crawlspaces, or basements. Look at the pipes for flaking, dimpling, stains, and discoloration. If you see any of this, then this is a sign that pipes have corrosion.

While you are inspecting the pipes, look for any leaks. Even if you have small leaks, they can get much larger over time. Feel the pipes with your hands to see if you notice any wetness.

The color of the water, such as in your bathtub, is another indication that it is time to replace the plumbing. The best time to check this is when you turn the water on for the first time. If you see yellow or brown water, this is a sign that the plumbing pipes are rusted and decayed.

Hire plumbing replacement services to come to your home and do a full plumbing inspection for you. They can then determine if you should replace all the plumbing in the home. This will be expensive but will be well worth it, as new plumbing pipes will last a long time and you will have less of a chance of having problems like leaks.


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