Keep Your Plumbing In Tip-Top Shape: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 17 July 2019

Plumbing in the home is probably not something you think about often, and you may not even pay any attention to it until there's a problem. If you have an issue there's a reason that led up to the problem. Something you or your family is doing that may have led up to the problems you are now facing, and these actions are what needs to be changed. Read on for everything you should know about your plumbing in order to keep it in tip-top shape.

Mind Your Pipes

Keep an eye on what is going into your pipes. Some things belong in the drain and others do not. Water, waste, and toilet paper—anything else should be thrown into the trash. Flushable wipes, baby wipes, diapers, or feminine products should all be thrown into the trash. Food particles, grease, oil, and paint should all be disposed of properly, not tossed down the drain. Even crumbs from the counter should not be put down the sink drain. Throw these into the trash instead. Keep in mind that your pipes are for water and waste, but nothing else. They may go down at first, but may be causing a clog further in the pipes, which will lead to a clog later down the road. 

Use Drain Stops

Drain stops should be used in order to prevent other items from going down into the drain. Drain stops should be used in bath tubs, kitchen sinks, and bathroom sinks as well. The toothpaste lid can easily fall into the drain, as well as other things such as small pieces of soap, small bath toys, or food particles. Use the drain stops in all drains with every use. If you are missing the drain stops in any of your sinks or tubs, look for a new one at your local hardware store.

Watch For Issues

Keep an eye out for issues with your plumbing. Slow draining sinks or tubs, gurgling coming from the toilet, water backing up in your sink, washing machine, or tub are all a sign of a problem. If you notice any of these issues in your home, it's important to do something about it immediately. Call a plumber for help with any of these or other issues you may be experiencing before they become a bigger problem for you.

Your plumbing may not be something you pay close attention to, but you should. Call plumbing companies like Marcum Plumbing Services, Inc. for help if you notice any issues.


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