Adding A New Laundry Room? 4 Things You Need Your Plumber To Add To The Design

Posted on: 17 July 2019

If you're going to be adding a laundry room onto your home, make sure you take the time to add all the amenities you'll need for the perfect space. Your new laundry room should be all about functionality. Here are four amenities you should have your plumber include in your new laundry room.

Separate Water Heater

If you plan to do a lot of laundry, plan for a separate water heater for your laundry room. Using the same water heater for your new laundry room may cause a shortage of hot water for the rest of the house. However, when you install a separate water heater for the laundry room, you'll have all the hot water you need for your laundry without causing a shortage elsewhere.

Floor Drains

Now that you're designing a new laundry room for your home, you'll want to be prepared for emergency situations, especially those involving floods. You never know when your washing machine will overflow. When it does happen, you'll want your laundry room to be equipped with a floor drain. That way, the water will drain safely away without flooding your laundry room or the rest of your house.

Utility Sink

When it comes to designing the perfect laundry room, you can't afford to forget the utility sink. A utility sink will allow you to pre-soak your stained clothing without creating a mess in your kitchen or bathroom sinks. Not only that, but your utility sink will also provide you with an easier time cleaning up after working in the yard or on the car. With a utility sink, you won't have to wash muddy or greasy hands in the bathroom.

Low-Curb Shower

Finally, while you're designing your new laundry room, don't forget to talk to your plumber about adding a low-curb shower stall. You might think that a shower stall will be out of place in your laundry room, but it will actually serve a very useful purpose. For instance, if your children come in from the backyard covered in mud, they'll be able to take their muddy clothes off in the laundry room and shower off become coming into the main portion of the house. Not only that, but a low-curb shower in the laundry room is the perfect place to wash your dogs. As an added benefit, you can use the shower space to hang your clothing that can't be placed in the dryer.

Talk to a provider of residential plumbing services near you about making your laundry room more functional.


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