Why Redo The Plumbing In Your Rental Home

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Do you have a home that you use as a rental? If you do, then you may want to get the plumbing redone in the house, even if there aren't any major things wrong with the plumbing that you can see right now. Plumbing issues can become expensive in many ways, from damaging the pipes and causing the repairs to add up to actually destroying the walls and other parts of the house. A leaking or burst pipe causes lots of personal property damage as well. This is something you don't want to happen in any home, let alone your rental.

If you have older plumbing or else plumbing in the house you haven't checked for years, then you may want to call a plumber to have the plumbing inspected. Your plumber will do what they can to make sure your home is safe and sound no matter what your renters do to the toilets, showers, or sinks. Here are some reasons to have your rental home's plumbing redone.

You become less liable

You have to carry insurance on your rental home to protect your assets and to also protect your renters. New plumbing helps make your home more secure, which in turn lowers your liability. This makes your home a smaller risk for flooding due to a leaking or burst pipe or other plumbing issue and having the work done can even help lower your homeowners and rental insurance.

You find issues before they become lawsuits

If the plumbing in your rental house is not secure, then you run the risk of having water damage occur at some point, which can harm the belongings of your renters or even put a renter at risk of injury. You want your renters to be safe and sound, which will help prevent being sued in the future if something were to go wrong in the home.

Get the plumbing inspected, and if any repairs need to be done, they can be done at the time of inspection or shortly thereafter. You can also write off the money you spend on the repairs done to your rental home since the property counts as an income or job-based property, so what you spend can largely be recouped to you.

Don't hesitate to have your plumber change out your rental home's older or less reliable plumbing. Schedule an appointment with your plumber as soon as you can for the best results.


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