Plumbing Services: Highly Specialized Services Provided By Some Plumbers

Posted on: 11 July 2019

Most plumbers provide the usual plumbing services for clogs, backed-up drains, faucets and spigots that drip, leaking pipes, and pipe replacements. However, some plumbers provide more specialized services. These advanced plumbing services are often the work of a master plumber that has taken years to learn how to do these things and do them correctly. 

Propane Installation and Propane Lines

Some newer homes under construction, as well as a few older homes, are currently opting for propane for heating and cooling. The homeowners are saying goodbye to oil, skipping over natural gas, and choosing propane, instead. This gas is compressed and frozen well below zero, making it a very dangerous sort of liquid gas to work with. The plumber who has the knowledge and the skills to install the tanks and the propane lines has a very unique set of skills. If you are a homeowner looking to overhaul your heating and cooling systems by installing propane tanks and propane lines, you are going to need plumber who can do this job. 

Residential Sprinkler Systems

Plumbers are called in to install these systems, too. Residential sprinkler systems are a specialized service, from the standpoint that a grid of pipes is buried in the ground and connected to the water lines inside your house. The sprinkler heads are on a timed system that does not cause them to pop up and sprinkle parts of the yard at random. Instead, the plumber who installs the sprinkler system makes sure that all of the heads are able to rise up out of the ground at the appointed hour for watering your lawn, spray the lawn for "x" number of minutes, then shut itself off and retreat the heads back into their spaces in the ground. 

Bathroom Plumbing in a Basement

Not everyone can boast of a second bathroom in their basement. A lot of people do not even have a basement, because their homes are built on concrete slabs. In this instance, the plumber is creating plumbing hookups and connections so that you can have a fully functional shower, sink, and toilet in the basement of your home. Since the basement is already as-is, the plumber has to break through some areas of concrete to get a toilet stack to go down and meet the rest of the plumbing as it heads toward the city sewer line. The rest of the basement bathroom plumbing and fixtures are connected to existing pipelines and floor drains. 

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Irrigation Implementation: An Overview

When I decided to install an irrigation system in my yard, I thought it would be an easy project. I had no idea how much was really involved in the process, from connecting the sprinkler system to the main plumbing line all the way to burying the individual lines for the sprinkler heads. After researching the entire process and learning as I went, I created this site to give others the benefit of my experience. I hope that the information here helps you be better prepared for what you can expect out of your irrigation system installation, including knowing when it's time to turn to a plumber for help.


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