How To Get Hot Water Faster In All Your Fixtures

Posted on: 11 July 2019

If you have a standard plumbing system, you might find that it takes a long time for hot water to get to certain faucets in your home, while other faucets might get hot water a lot faster. If this is the case, it is likely that the faucets located closest to the hot water heater will be the ones that get hot water relatively quickly, while faucets located further away will require more time to get hot water to them. If this is occurring in your home, there might be a remedy for the problem. Here are some options you could consider.

Install a tankless water heater

The water heater you have in your home supplies the hot water to all your faucets, and the ones that are farthest away from the system will take the longest to get hot water. One solution for this problem is to install a tankless water heater in the room where you want hot water faster.

A plumber can easily do this for you by installing a small tankless water heater in this room. When you do this, this small system will instantly heat your water in this room only, and it will offer a way to have hot water right away. If you have several bathrooms that have this same problem, you could install a small system in each of the rooms to provide a way to have instant hot water in every bathroom in your home.

Install a recirculation pump in your house

The second good solution for this problem is through installing something called a recirculation pump. The reason it takes a long time for you to get hot water in certain rooms is because the water that is in your pipes is naturally cool. To get hot water, you must run all the cool water from the lines and wait for the hot water to travel from the hot water heater to the faucet you turn on.

If you have a recirculation pump, the cool water in your lines travels back to the hot water heater and is replaced by hot water. This provides a way to have hot water in your lines at all times, and the result is that you will never have to wait for the hot water to travel from the system to the faucet. The hot water will already be in the lines just waiting for you to use it.

If you are interested in finding out if one of these options would be right for you, contact a local plumbing company today, such as Arctic Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc.


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