Don't Wait For An Emergency: 3 Reasons To Utilize Plumbing Maintenance Services

Posted on: 8 July 2019

If you're like most homeowners, you don't call the plumber until you're faced with an emergency. Unfortunately, that might not be the best way to approach the plumbing in your home. Waiting to call the plumber until you have an emergency can lead to a variety of problems, including increased repair costs, not to mention the fact that you risk water damage, if you wait until you have an emergency to make contact with your plumber. The best way to avoid those plumbing emergencies is to ensure that your home receives the right plumbing maintenance. Here are just three maintenance services that your plumber can provide you with. These services will help you avoid those unwanted emergency situations.

Flush Your Water Heater

If you neglect your water heater, chances are good that it's going to experience a significant breakdown. Unfortunately, when water heaters break down, they either develop a leak or they explode. Either way, you're left with a watery mess in your home. The best way to avoid that is to have your water heater flushed out and cleaned at least once a year. During the maintenance call for your water heater, your plumber will provide an inspection to identify any potential issues that need to be resolved.

Clean Your Drains

If you ignore your drains, you could be at an increased risk for stubborn clogs, not to mention the smelly odors that could develop from all the gunk that's inside them. Both of these issues can pose significant problems for you. Clogs can lead to backups, which can in turn lead to waste backing up into your home. Smelly odors can lead to pest infestations. When you sign up for plumbing maintenance services, your plumber will clean the drains before any of those problems arise.

Inspect Your Pipes

If you haven't had your pipes inspected in a few years, you could be at risk for a rupture. This is particularly true, if you experiences freezing temperatures on a regular basis during the winter months. Each time your pipes go through a freeze/thaw cycle, they expand and contract. With each expansion and contraction, the metal is weakened. Over time, small cracks can develop in the pipes. Without proper inspections, that damage can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, when that damage goes unnoticed, your risk of a pipe rupture increases. Luckily, with proper preventative maintenance, your plumber can identify those problem areas before the pipes burst.

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