2 Potential Issues Making Your Toilet Run Constantly

Posted on: 8 July 2019

If your toilet seems to be running unceasingly, you may have already tried adjusting the chain or checking the flapper only to find that the water still keeps running. If so, there are a couple of other potential issues that may make your toilet run constantly.

1.  Problems with the Refill Tube

On either one of the sides inside of the tank, there is a long tube where you will find a hose fed through the top. This tube is the refill tube, and the water level within it along with the flapper sends the signal that your toilet's tank needs to be refilled with water. However, if there is a problem with the refill tube, this signal will be disrupted, and the water will continue to run into the tank. There are a couple of things that can cause this disruption.

First, if the water level inside of the tank is even with or over the top of this tube, it will not function properly. The tube's top should always be above the water to keep the excess from splashing inside. Second, if there is a crack in this tube, the water will flow freely between the inside and outside of the tube. Because the water level will be off, additional water will continue to flow into your toilet.

2.  Issues with the Tank's Seal

If you have checked the tube and found that the water level seems normal, another possibility as to the cause of your running toilet is an issue with the tank's seal. Typically, the tank and toilet bowl are separate pieces that have a gasket between them to create a seal.

If the gasket becomes worn-out or damaged, the water from the tank will continuously leak into the bowl. This leak may also escape the toilet and start dripping outside of it, potentially causing water damage on the floor and adjacent wall.

As the water leaks out of the tank, more water comes in to replace it. Especially if the water leak is more than just a couple of drops, the tank will be filled with water constantly. 

No matter the cause, a continuously running toilet can result in a spike in your water bill, as well as possibly cause unseen water damage if the water leaks out of the tank or bowl. To keep either of these things from happening, contact a plumber to have them take a look at your toilet and make the necessary repairs or replacements to stop the running water.


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