Video Pipe Inspection: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 3 July 2019

When there is a problem with your plumbing, it can be a frustrating time. What makes it even worse is when you do not know where the problem is. If this happens, you should have a video pipe inspection. A video inspection can easily detect leaks and clogs in places where you would otherwise not be able to see. The following are some things you should know about video pipe inspection.

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

If you think there is a problem with your sewer line but you are not sure where it is, a plumber can perform a video pipe inspection. During this process, the plumber will place a high-resolution camera that is attached to a fiber optic line into the pipe. There is a light on the end of the camera so the plumber can see inside the pipe. The plumber will use a screen to watch the video while the camera goes through the pipe. Once the problem is identified, the plumber can better determine how it should be repaired.

When is Pipe Inspection Necessary?

There are many reasons why you need a video pipe inspection. When traditional methods do not work for clearing a clog or repairing a leak, a video inspection is the next step.

The method is also needed if you have repeat issues with water backup or clogs. When your drains continue to drain slowly no matter what you do to clear them, there is likely a problem with your main line. Instead of wasting time and money clearing the problem, have the pipe be video inspected to find and repair the problem permanently.

You may also want to have pipes video inspected before you buy a home. This process will look for potential issues with the main sewer line. You will then be prepared to alter your offer or even pass on a home if there are major repairs required. This can be especially important if the home is older.

What Are the Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection?

There are some benefits of video pipe inspection in addition to those already mentioned. Video inspection is much less expensive than having the area excavated, and it will not do damage to your landscaping. There is much less time and labor needed for video pipe inspection. You can also have an emergency situation found faster. You will also know exactly where the problem is, making it easier to repair.

If you have a problem, you should call a plumber to learn more or to see if they offer video pipe inspection services.


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