4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

Posted on: 2 July 2019

People rely on their air conditioners to keep them cool, when temperatures rise. If your air conditioner is doing the opposite by blowing hot air into your house, that's an obvious cause for concern. There isn't always one reason that this malfunction occurs. Here are four reasons your air conditioner might be blowing hot air:

1. The exhaust vent is blocked.

Air conditioners work by cooling the air in your home and blowing hot air out the window. In order to do this effectively, your air conditioner needs to be able to push the hot air through the vent in the back. If you lean things against the outside of your AC unit, or if plants grow tall enough to block it, the airflow may be restricted. This can cause the hot air to back up into your house. Before you do anything else, make sure there's nothing obstructing your air conditioner.

2. The air filter is dirty.

Air conditioners feature an air filter that catches debris and pollutants. This keeps the air in your house clean and comfortable. However, over time, this filter gets full and needs to be changed. If you don't change your filter in a timely manner, your air conditioner will have to work harder to move air through its system. This can lead to increased heat and decreased airflow. Many modern AC units will alert you when the air filter needs to be changed.

3. The refrigerant is running low.

Air conditioners use a refrigerant chemical to cool the air in your house. In normal circumstances, your refrigerant shouldn't run out, since it gets recycled through your AC's system. Unfortunately, a leak can cause refrigerant to drip out of your air conditioner. If your AC unit contains insufficient refrigerant, it will be unable to cool the air properly.

4. The compressor is broken.

Your air conditioner's compressor moves refrigerant in order to create the cooling process. If your compressor is broken, your air conditioner's fan will still be able to blow air, but the air won't be cool. A broken compressor will usually need to be replaced.

If your air conditioner is letting hot air into your house, you should turn it off and avoid using it until you can address the problem. Call your local air conditioner repair service, so they can send a contractor to your house to diagnose the problem. Your AC repair contractor will troubleshoot your air conditioner, and once the issue is identified, they can make the necessary repairs. In most cases, replacing faulty parts is cheaper than purchasing a new AC unit.


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